Friday, 24 February 2012

Wurugi: the begining

It was a warm and sunny morning when Wurrigi was born. His mother, Attunga, and the older women of the camp had spent the night on the banks of the billabong. It was a beautiful place where canoe trees reached into the clear blue skies of spring and the mountains at the edge of the speargrass plains reflected in the cool water. Since the Dreamtime, his people had camped here when the yellow blossom of the wattle trees scented the air, living on the tucker that Minindooc the water dragon had provided since creation of the earth and the Minindoo people. The men of the tribe were tall and fierce warriors and the women were the most beautiful in all the land. While the men hunted, the women wove baskets and made fish traps using reeds that the creeks that flowed into the billabong. They would make flour for damper from the spinifex seeds by rubbing or grinding them between stones. This morning Attunga didn’t go out with the rest of the group it was her time, staying in camp with her mother and sister to welcome her baby into the world. They chanted, calling to their ancestor to help Attunga bring her baby into the world. Swaying back and forth their song grew stronger. The rhythm soothing the pains Attunga felt as the baby moved inside her. As the sun rose across the plain, a beautiful orange and purple sky reflected in the billabong. A slight ripple gently lapped the shoreline and their song echoed across the stillness. In the distance, magpies warbled and a small grey kangaroo with her joey were drinking beside the tall green reeds.

Wordsmiths of Melton

Hello everyone, Blogging is a new experience for me so welcome to Wurugi the Warrior Without Ears on Blogspot. Over the past three weeks I have joined a writers group in Melton. The group, Wordsmiths of Melton are a small but tallented band of writers with a common love of writing. Led by Frank Ince, we meet each Wednesday and critique each others work, this is very beneficial as it pushes each writer to improve their skills at a much faster raate than if working in isolation. Over the next couple of weeks I will post Wurugi's story here as it is this story that really helped me to believe that I could write a novel. Please drop back from time to time for a visit and read how Wurugi overcomes a difficult set of circumstances to grow into manhood and lead is tribe.