Monday, 27 May 2013

Kundela book launch a roaring success

Orroroo turned out in good numbers to attend the launch of my debut novel Kundela. Jenny and her team at the Orroroo Community Library had promoted the event with posters placed in prominent places throughout the town and used social media with great effect to get the message out. The small library looked resplendent with plenty of posters decoating the room.

Mick Rosenblatt has taught English to Orroroo's children for over thirty years so it was appropriate for him to introduce the novel to a crowd of approximately eighty people. Some had journeyed from as far away as Blinman, Port Augusta, Hawker and Geelong making the night even more special.

Mick as the custodian of the English language has inspired many of the district's children to excell in their literary pursuits. By setting homework and encouraging his students to do better he has by default, helped many a parent to improve their language skills too. He reveiwed Kundela for the gathering, explaing the structure and format without giving the story away. I found it interesting how much importance he gave to time and place and how the book related to him as he read about the names of roads and landmarks in the Orroroo area. He spoke about the aboriginal themes in the novel and how as a kid on a Lutheran Mission he experienced first hand the special relationship these people have with the land.

His was a truly great introduction particularly especialy when he recommended everyone to purchase a copy.

We had a quick question and answer session where I'm sure many of my school mates were astonished to realise I had improved my language skills enough to produce a book they could not only read but enjoy.

At the end of the night we ended up with empty book boxes and a wonderful sense of accomplishment.

To everyone who bought a copy of Kundela thank you, your support is very much appreciated.

Photos from the night:

These are some of the blokes I went to school with (Left to Right) Me, Colin Parkyn, Chairman of Carrieton and Orroroo Council. Geoff Gibb, long term Orroroo businessman and Rodger Mortimer, Motel Proprietor Port Augusta

Mick kept the crowd entertained with his introduction

Fantastic to share the night with Lisa, my writing journey started by telling her and her siblings stories at bedtime.

With the women in my life who inspire me my wife Ruth and mother Edna

Among local literary greats John O'dea musician and John Mannion filmaker and historian

With Rosie Luckraft from the Hawker Library

Mr Gerald Kuerschner is a legend in Orroroo and it was a priveledge to sign a book for him.
And at the end of the night I shared a beer with Mick Rosenblatt and relive writing stories with a local legend