Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Les Gillespie's Gold excerpt from Chapter 38

I put chapter thirty eight of my Les Gillespies Gold manuscript to our writing group for critique today. At this point we are about half way into the story and much is happening. 
 I loved writing the chapter and although long has added quite a bit of drama and intrigue to the tale. I particularly liked tapping out this exchange by three generations of Gillespie girls. 

I hope you enjoy it too.

Laura and Tilly nattered while they drove to the farm, in the back Emily put her iPod down. ‘Mum, you said Pop wanted to go to Wilson’s, right?’
‘That’s what he said. Why?’
‘Can we go skinny dipping like you and Samantha did?
Laura, her face full of question, turned to her daughter with palms upturned. Tilly said nothing.
Emily kept up.’ And what is skinny dipping anyway?’
Tilly felt her face flush, Laura’s hands paddled the air in slow circles. ‘Yes, Tilly, come on,’ She made exclamation marks with her fingers. ‘just what is skinny dipping?’
‘It’s a saying we use for having a swim, a swim in a water hole.’ Tilly turned to her mother. Laura watched as a rolled up tongue breached her daughter’s lips and slipped back as quick as it appeared. ‘And no, Em. Not today, we didn't bring any bathers.’
‘Robert says you don’t wear bathers, when you’re skinny dipping.’
Laura was still facing Tilly, she shrugged and mouthed the words ‘Who is Robert?’
‘Tell Granny about Robert, Em.’ Embarrassing moment avoided, she hoped.
‘He has to sit in the naughty corner at Fiona’s.’
‘And why does he do that?’ Laura asked
‘Because he pulls the girls hair and calls us names.’ Emily picked up her tablet. ‘Can you show me the waterhole?’
‘Maybe on a nice warm day when we have our bathers, you me and Jeff can all go swimming.’ Tilly said and put her hand up to high five her mother.

‘Not so fast, Tilly Gillespie.’ Laura said. ‘Samantha’s from the mining company, you’ve had dinner with her and now Emily says you have been out to Wilson's. When were you going to tell Dad?’