Monday, 25 April 2016

My Anzac Day Tribute

Your Grandad’s medals sit in my drawer
Presented to him at the end of the war
And though he left us when you were young
I keep them to remind me of songs he sung

Like Waltzing Matilda and Danny Boy
Always lusty and sung with joy
On Anzac Day in Seventy Two
He beamed with pride when he first saw you

And so today my son I have them on view
To remind me of the terror that he went through
Believing his land would be safe from harm
If he shouldered a rifle over his arm

I hope like him the day will come
When there will be no need for a mother’s son
To be asked to make such sacrifice
And for our young country to pay such a price

And though you left us when you were young
Presented to you at the end of the war
Your medals sit safely in my drawer
We keep them to remind us of songs you sung

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Good information hidden in here

I found this link through a comment I made on Linked in's Author U  pages.

Hope it's helpful:

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Planning a Book Tour for 2017


Starting to see the end in sight for Les Gillespie's Gold and beginning to think about a  book launch sometime  in 2017. So I need some suggestions for the following.

  • Australian towns to visit.
  • What would be better, a library, or book-store launch venue
  • Best time of day.
  • Would you prefer me to talk on my writing processes, or about the book itself.
  • Contact details of the librarian or bookshop manager.
If you can help, Please message me via Facebook or leave a comment on the blog. 

I am looking forward too and will be thankful for your input.