Saturday, 11 March 2017

Take 2

Rain and hail beats a heavy tune
Wind's fingers rip at the walls of my winter room
And like a heard of scalded banshee it just wails
I’m trying hard to force the words to flow
But my tiny chapter just won’t grow
Yesterday I had the muse that precious gift
But now today, I just don’t know.

Words that tempted me when I was young
Haunt me now like songs we’ve sung
Today every sentence I’ve written just fails
So I tap the keys time and time again
I read margin notes I’ve scratched with pen
Where is that story tellers gift I’m sure I had
And why today are my words so bad

A ray of sunshine tries to sneak through
But rain and wind wipe away my sky of blue
Write something else I say to me
A song a rhyme to find the flow
My advice for others if their words were slow
But what’s it worth, this advice for free
Looking out at an angry day of stormy sea

Hail and rain still beat their tune
And wind still rips away at my writer’s room
And like a hundred banshees still does wail
Still trying hard to force the flow
Words still fail and the chapter doesn’t grow
Yesterday I had my prize a writer’s gift

And yet today I’m lost I just don’t know