Tuesday, 4 April 2017

The Price of Innocence - What Kevin Said

Review – Voss - The Price of Innocence - Kevin Drum

Terry – Congratulations for completing your first (of many we hope) Voss adventures.
In keeping with the genre the language pace and plot moves along really well. It’s not difficult to stay with the plot despite the emergence of the many different characters as events unfold.
I haven’t bothered to edit as in punctuation etc. as I consider someone much better qualified and more proficient than I will accommodate your requirements in this regard.
Rather I have focused on the story as a critical reader.
I found this a very enjoyable read and relished the Canberra underground porn scene with all its jealousies and competition as the underlining reason for Estelle’s brutal murder. This is Australian fiction at its best.
In the final chapters it was still  ‘all bets off” as to who was doing all of the killing and made for a gripping read.
I have been attending Wordsmith for around 18 months, and I must say that of all the participants, you are the only one to have made a major change of direction in your writing, and some most significant progress.
From an ‘old truck seller’ to’ an old tractor seller’ from way back I couldn’t be prouder of you.
May Voss, Una, Lucy, Eddie and Donna live on and prosper.
Well done and I wish you every success and huge enjoyment with Voss.
Kevin Drum


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