Thursday, 20 July 2017

Edna's life Story

Never too old to give it a try

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January 2017
88 Year old Edna Probert of Orroroo ready for some slides 
While sorting through my mother Edna's photos and journals to help me build a chapter plan for her story, I thought about her many visits to Darwin and how easily she fitted in with Danny's friends. 
  For Mum fitting in with people always came naturally and she often did it without needing to be asked. In 1987 I found her volunteering for different duties to help our young motorsport community at the Black Rock Dirt Circuit Club.
 A few years later, and she was helping my son Danny to build his drift car in Darwin. This year she was surprised when he brought a car back to South Australia so he could show her what drifting was all about. 
 This is a picture of Gran buckled in and ready for a blast around the circuit at Mambray Creek.

Photo Courtesy of Xdrift Industries Drift Team


  1. Good on Edna, never frightened to try something.

  2. Just cutting through the amount of stuff recorded is amazing Di, I'd like to have a bit of a book done by Christmas, but it might take that long just to sort the photos out.

  3. Cannot wait Terry. I have found some photos from the Probert side. Will scan and send to you. You might be able to put some names to some!!