Sunday, 23 July 2017

Honey Hush

When I wrote this poem a few years ago, I was thinking about the joy this little boat brought to me and my friends as we sailed the waters of Fisherman's Bay in South Australia. 

A Rainbow Class yacht Dad bought for David and me, David was caught under the sail in a capsize and never wanted to get in the boat again.
Brian Tiller, David Kent, Trevor Moore and many more mates terrified water skiers as we fought for space on the deep water in the small bay. 

Honey Hush, I loved you to bits.


It was a girl
She was sixteen
Her dad’s old guitar
And ripped blue jeans
She strummed old strings
We sang along

It was a boy
He was just fifteen
A red sailing boat
For his summer’s dream
His gaze she held all night
We watched on

It was a boat
As dawn broke golden
And soft white sails
Her name emboldened
Slow waves on morning tide
We did not see

It was new love
On summer breezes
Days just drifted by
Seaweed sand and evening breezes
No one he loved more than she
We saw it all

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